Personal Development

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Do you want:

  • Clarity of purpose?
  • To solve that annoying problem?
  • A sense of community?
  • To let go of the past?
  • The life you have always wanted?

What does a great life look like to you?

In order to really have what you want, you have to do your inner work. Successful, happy, connected people know they have to be accountable, committed, and focused in order to keep moving forward and building on past success.  You may be the type of person who is beginning to notice that more does not equate to better, and to really have what you desire, the requirement is sometimes a total overhaul.

People are watching you, learning from you, and emulating you all the time, whether you know it or not.

Welcome to the Tribe!

To really belong to this tribe of seekers, knowers, leaders, and visionaries, it will require self-reflection, brutal honesty, and the willingness to be wrong. It is intense, but it is also transformational.  It requires an open mind and the willingness to learn, and utilizes the hidden power in vulnerability.  We will teach you to face and master your emotions, and move towards your goals effortlessly.

Transformational workshops are held regularly as opportunities for new and returning members of our tribe to come together and re-align to their highest life visions and correct past beliefs or behaviours that may have taken them on a detour off the path.

Using techniques distilled from Psychodrama, Somatic Psychology, Group Process, and Psychosynthesis, these experiential day-long workshops provide a structured and safe space to re-set upcoming priorities and move on from your past.

Be the person you were always called to be, and join us for the next workshop, coming soon to a city near you.